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Special introductory offer - 100 days of advertising for only $125. That is for a text based or photo ad. No commitment required. No hidden fees. All other terms still apply.

** Text only ad are 1/2 listed rate of the 250x250 ad**

                                 1 mo    6mo     1 year (Best rate)

250 x 250    $75    $400    $780    

150 x 150    $56    $300    $600

200 x 400    $94    $525    $1050

Top banner
480 x 90      $150  $800    $1600

Bottom banner
480 x 90      $120    $675    $1350

Or looking at it in pure cost per hour that is less than .35/hour (for the most expensive rate - an entire year!) to be seen in over 125 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a year.

Space is limited, no more than 1 top/bottom banner or 200 x 400 ads will be sold. 250 x 250 and 150 x 150 ad spaces will be limited in number (never more than 7 ads per site) in order to prevent clutter and distraction to visitors. This also emphasizes your ad placement. Act quickly to reserve your ad space.

** Text only ad are 1/2 listed rate of the 250x250 ad**


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Comparison - the cost

One of the most popular advertising services on the internet is Google Adwords. Millions use this service, having a couple of words appear on random websites for random amounts of time, and paying each time an ad is clicked on. The more you pay for these word ads the more often your ad is shown and the higher it is ranked versus any other competition.

Thus the most desired terms are often locked up by corporations that pay several dollars for each time an ad is clicked on. The inherent problems are that:

  • 1) Advertisers may not stay more than 30 seconds on any site (average time it takes a visitor to decide to view a site - 8 seconds) - thus there is no benefit on short visits but the cost is applied.[The average visitor to M V Consulting sites spend in excess of 2 minutes at each site!]

  • 2) Accidental clicks count the same as purposive clicks

  • 3) Since the rotation of sites is random ads may appear on a site internet visitors never go to or didn't want to be at< - wasting time and costing you money.

  • 4) Since time ads appear is determined by price paid, cheaper ads may appear at 3am, 5am, 4:30pm, or other times target markets are asleep, entering work, in school, or helping their children. Even if optimal times are reached, there is no way to ensure that a higher priced ads will not 'bump' lower ads

  • Comparison - Benefit of M V Consulting, Inc.

    1. The sites of the M V Consulting, Inc. target niche markets of African Americans, college educated, predominantly male, 25 - 60 year olds, with and without children - some of the most valued target markets for any industry.
    2. The VASS political commentary blog is one of the leading political blogs in election years, especially for New York State
    3. The Black Entertainment USA blog is a leading entertainment site for movie reviews, interviews with directors, and niche information.
    4. The blogs of M V Consulting, Inc have grown more than 1000% per year on average since inception.
    5. Ads on M V Consulting sites are up 24/7 - no competition for when and how long your ad appears.

    The cost of Goole Adwords - an example

    Here is a comparison, from Google, based on several important keywords used in entertainment, sports, movies and television. Cost is based on 1 day paying .20 per click. There is no guarantee against certain keywords having minimum costs that would prevent actual usage, time when ad will be seen, sites seen on, or real world click rates that can be argued to be somewhat lower (with prices being far higher in the top 1-10 positions).

    Keyword   cost 1 day (month)   clicks   predictability

    Hollywood       $130 ($3,900)    620            none

    Movie Reviews  $40 ($1,200)    188            none

    Music       $5,840 ($175,200)    29,193      none

    Television     $460 ($13,800)    2,280         none

    Video Games   $280 ($8,400)    1,376         none

    Movies          $2320 ($69,600)    11,581      none

    African American      Not included as it costs a
                                                minimum of $1.00 per click

    Thus Google Adwords would cost between $1,200 and $175,200 for less words than are in this sentence, each month (up to $2,102,400), found somewhere on an unknown website at unknown times.

    For a fraction of the cost you can have a picture banner ad atop some of the most popular blogs in the world - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

    This example just points out the keywords that advertisers targeting the entertainment world actually use. It leaves out keywords like:
  • Black entertainment
  • Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO)
  • Actors/actresses like - Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Don Cheadle, ect.
  • movie reviews
  • Sci-fi
  • movie previews
  • New York City
  • American politics - like election
  • Race and racial keywords

  • and numerous other events and terms related to all forms of entertainment found on Black Entertainment USA; and none have the additional cost of another term for your Google adwords account.

    So which makes more sense to you? Gambling that you will spend more to get your ad on a site than what Warner Bros. can afford; that your ad will be on when your target market is around; that you won't have your ad on sites like Granny Gertrude's Sewing and Dandelion Wine Secrets? Or with one of the sites of M V Consulting, Inc.?


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    To learn about the citations for M V Consulting, Inc. and President Michael Vass - click here.

    To learn about M V Consulting, Inc. President Michael Vass - click here.

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