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Ad Rates

Special introductory offer

– 100 days of advertising for only $125. That is for a text based or photo ad. No commitment required. No hidden fees. All other terms still apply.

                      1 mo    6mo     1 year (Best rate)

250 x 250    $75    $400    $780    

150 x 150    $56    $300    $600

200 x 400    $94    $525    $1050

Top banner

480 x 90      $150  $800    $1600

Bottom banner

480 x 90      $120    $675    $1350

Or looking at it in pure cost per hour that is less than .09/hour (for the most expensive rate for an entire year!) to be seen in over 125 countries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a year.

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The problem

In 2010 the average cost of the most common internet advertising form, Cost-per-Click, was $0.79/click. That’s just an average, not even close to the cost of trying to secure clicks on a term like mid-term election or t-shirts.

Worse yet, the most popular Cost-per-Click advertising – Google Adwords – was even more expensive. For 2010 the average price of a click for the 3.7 position was $1.24. Such a high cost came with a bonus as well. The invalid click rate – people who clicked the wrong thing and immediately left the site, increasing the CPC to advertisers – was 6.7%.

The average CPC was up 226% vs 2005, and up 17% vs 2009. That’s during the biggest recession since the Depression, with newspapers and media companies going bankrupt. Google shareholders certainly loved those numbers.

Even without considering the dramatic increase as businesses across the nation scale back, there is a problem. 6.7% of the CPC cost is pure waste. Advertising is hard enough, with ads that reach the target group and have no effect. But nearly 10% of CPC cost is money being thrown away on bad clicks, in addition to the attempt to get the actual target market.

All of that, and you still need to compete with major corporations that can capture any keyword target they want. The GAP, Wal-Mart, DNC, GOP, name the industry and product/service and there is a megacorporation that can and does get the first spot in advertising guaranteeing they get seen by your target market EXACTLY when they will be online. After that, as you go lower on the list, you get fewer chances to reach the customers you are paying so much to reach.

The solution

At M V Consulting, Inc. we don’t think you should pay for something you won’t get. CPC isn’t effective, and far to expensive. We want advertisers to get the most for their dollar, because they earned it.

We set our advertising rates with 1 thought in mind, what makes sense for everyone? The answer is a guaranteed ad slot for an exact amount of time. No need to figure out if you will be seen by your target audience or insomniacs. No need to have a bidding war with unseen megacorporations with advertising budgets the size of some countries. No waste from accidental clicks.

Doing the math

If you could get the average on Google, you’ll spend $1.24/click. Of course since you are in 4th position your ad will get seen less than 25% of the time (there are all those other ads that need to get time too). But in a perfect world you would have your ad up for 6 hours a day (4th place, a fourth of the time). In that perfect world you get 1 click an hour for every day you run the ad, for 30 days.

The reality is it costs you $223.20 for 180 clicks over 7.5 days in a month.

So you have already lost 23 days each month, time that competitors will make sales and you won’t. But don’t forget that you will also, automatically, will lose 12 clicks or $14.88 due to the average waste (6.7%). In a year that’s 276 days without your ad being seen, with 144 bad clicks costing $178.56, which you pay $892.80 for. All if you live in a perfect world.

With advertising on a M V Consulting site or blog you get 24/7 visibility, so no lost time. You get a single flate rate, so there are no surprise costs. The cost comparison is huge. The 250×250 ad costs $0.089/hr a day for a year! Less than a dime an hour fits into any advertising budget.

Best of all, M V Consulting is confident that advertisers will enjoy the difference of our rates versus CPC. So confident in fact that for the first 100 days the cost of an ad on any site or blog is only $125. That’s $1.25/day! Just 1 average click on Google. If we weren’t sure, we could never make such an offer.

So you can chose to save money, gain visibility, and introduce yourself to our niche market of visitors, or you can try to slug it our in a CPC war. It’s up to you.

Space is limited, no more than 1 top/bottom banner or 200 x 400 ads will be sold. 250 x 250 and 150 x 150 ad spaces will be limited in number (never more than 7 ads per site) in order to prevent clutter and distraction to visitors. This also emphasizes your ad placement. Act quickly to reserve your ad space.

** Text only ad cost 1/2 listed rate of the 250×250 ad**

Ad Payments

Phone: 1.607.595.1975

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