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The following are the growing list of interviews, book(s), print publications, and specialized online publication(s) that cite the writing of Michael Vass and M V Consulting, Inc.

  • Mr. Vass was selected as one of 2 professional bloggers to provide coverage for TV One‘s online website for the entire 2008 Presidential election.
  • Mr. Vass has been cited in Current Controversies: Immigration (hardcover editions), by author Debra A. Miller, published by Greenhaven Press – Feb. 2010, ISBN 13: 9780737747096 –

    Each anthology is composed of a wide spectrum of primary sources written by many of the foremost authorities in their respective fields. This unique approach provides students with a concise view of divergent opinions on each topic. Extensive book and periodical bibliographies and a list of organizations to contact are also included.

    Available: $38.50 at and other book retailers.

  • Mr. Vass has also been published in Central New York Business Journal, Greater Binghamton Business Journal, and Mohawk Valley Business Journal – Financial Quarterly editions, May 14, 2010
  • Mr. Vass is a current writer/reporter of political commentary for Binghamton Political Buzz Examiner
  • Mr. Vass was a speaker at the August 21, 2010 Binghamton, New York Tea Party Rally

  • Mr. Vass has interviewed:
    • Binghamton, New York, Mayor Matt Ryan
    • Broome County Sheriff David Harder
    • NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox
    • 22nd Congressional District candidate George Phillips
    • 126th New York State Assembly candidate Art Garrison
    • 126th New York State Assembly candidate Jason Stokes
    • candidate for Broome County Sheriff Tim “T.R.” Roberts
    • Independant film director Tim Alexander
    • Independant film director Dennis Dortch
    • Independant film director Bette Gordon
    • Independant film producer Andrew Cockburn
    • Independant film producer Abigail Disney
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