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Thursday, April 08, 2010

American Idol outdone again, from Taiwan

In yet another example of how little true talent is on American Idol, there is Lin Yu Chun. Don't know who he is? Well there is little doubt that many will know his name soon.

You have heard of Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. How could you not and be in America over the past 20 years (the song is originally Dolly Parton's song, written in 1973). Now think of that song, and click on the video clip... But Don't Watch the Video!

Incredible huh?

The GUY who sang this near perfect copy is Lin Yu Chun. He's Taiwanese. So not only can he sing the song as well as Whitney Houston, it's not his native language.

I dare any of the insta-pop stars on American Idol to try to sing near as well in another language. Even in Spanish, one of the most common languages on the planet. Anyone willing to take odds they can't do it?

Just another example that American Idol isn't about talent, it's about fitting a marketing mold.

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Absinthe Fairy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Andy Lau helps victims of Typhoon Morakot

Often I have spoken about various celebrity donations. Whether its opening a children’s hospital wing, building houses in New Orleans, donating funds to relief efforts in Darfur, or numerous other causes (though each of the previous can always use more help). But in general I have tended to focus on American celebrities.

Which is a bit unfair. There are many celebrities from around the world that make a point of giving back to those who are in need. Often we forget that America is not the only country with mega-stars and big hearts.

One of the celebrities from outside the U.S. that I think needs to be commended is Andy Lau. Not an overly familiar name here in the U.S., but he is a huge star in Asia.

Andy Lau may be familiar to audiences for House of Flying Daggers (Captain Leo), but he has been in over 100 films and 300 mini-series. That is besides his singing career that spans more than 20 years, 180 concerts, 292 awards and a listing in the Guinness Book of Records (Most Awards Won By A Canto-Pop Male Artist), suffice to say the man is A-list celebrity.

But Lau is also a humanitarian. He is noted for his work with the disabled for more than a decade. In 2008 he was the Goodwill Ambassador to the Summer Paralympic Games.

So it is no surprise that Andy Lau is in the front line of celebrities working phones and helping to raise donations to help victims of Typhoon Morakot. Already private donations have reached 7 million Taiwan dollars. I am sure that the influence that Lau brings will help add to that total – which is being matched by the Taiwan government.

I always enjoy hearing of celebrities donating their time, money, and fame to just causes. When they do this it deserves to be mentioned. And there is no reason to limit such recognition to just the celebrities in the U.S.

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Absinthe Fairy

Thursday, April 10, 2008

2008 Olympic Games: What I hope to see

The 2008 Olympics. The once every 4 year event that circles the globe and features the greatest athletes in the world. The pinnacle of healthy fit human bodies. Supposedly representing the best of every nation, and with little polispeak of those nations.

But that’s not exactly true.

China is a prime example of that, and needs to be addressed before, and during this years games. China is a key supporter of the Sudan, and in this manner supporting the genocide of Darfur. China is the Sword of Damocles over Taiwan. China is the iron fist against Tibet. And while it’s not as commonly discussed as it has been in the past, for all the economic innovations made in the past decade, they are very communist.

On Wednesday many Americans got their first glimpse of the problems that China promotes. The students that crossed the Atlantic Ocean and our country to scale that bridge, at serious risk to themselves, made a statement. The protests, which were far more peaceful than similar events in England and France, got significant attention. But the major news media missed the big boat.

Well let me rephrase that, they missed the big boat of issues that I care about. While much was said of the protesters supporting Tibet, little was said about the other problems of China that have been ongoing for decades. Not to belittle the desire of the Tibetan people to be free. But I have yet to hear more than a polispeak soundbite discussing the continued efforts of China to encourage the Darfur genocide.

But it’s not because some with the major medias eye have not made statements. Stephen Spielberg quit as artistic advisor to the Olympics because of all the issues. French President Nicolas Sarkozy seems ready to boycott the Games. Last night Dennis Miller made perhaps the best statement and idea I have heard on the matter during his time on the Bill O’Reilly show – that every athlete, of every nation, appear at the opening ceremonies dressed like this

Photo found at

Some might say that a bit of clothing is just not enough. That this is not a strong enough statement. That more is required. I agree that more needs to be done. That Darfur needs to be ended, and those supporting the genocide punished in some manner.

“The Chinese have had their way over Tibet. They have openly intimidated those countries who want to have diplomatic relations with Taiwan. And from their point of view, the Tibetans are an ungrateful bunch of peasants who have been dragged from the Dark Age of a Buddhist theocracy to the modern era of paved roads, city plumbing and light bulbs.”

Does that sound familiar? Does it remind you of the European desire to help the African people find civilization? Or the comments of some recently trying to justify the slavery of Africans in America and the current condition of Black Americans. Those kinds of thoughts and comments were not always unaccepted or considered the utterances of minds filled with compost. And even recent Olympics have been the stage for criticisms of American acceptance of those similar thoughts. Many of my readers may be too young to recall the international attention that this one scene created, deservedly so.

Photo found at

The Olympic Games are about the nations that host, as much as they are about the athletes that are competing. Nations are connected to the Games and each other. To accept the Olympic Games without calling attention to the murder of children and the subjugation of countries is an insult to what is on-going.

Thus I agree with Dennis Miller’s thought. I support his idea and add one minor point – every visitor to the Olympic Games’ opening ceremonies, including the political representatives of all the nations, should join the athletes in wearing the robes of the Tibetan monks. Such a display, viewed around the world, would shame China and hopefully be the cause of starting to address these horrible actions in a peaceful non-paranoid realistic manner.

Do you agree?

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