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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bad tattoo ideas from Lindsey Lohan and India

So as I was wandering the web reading thru a few posts, websites and news reports for something of interest in the tattoo world I ran into 2 items. One is on Lindsey Lohan; the other is on tooth tattooing.
An example of Lindsey Lohan's judgement skills.
All I have to say about the normally alcohol and cocaine besodden entertainer is that the tattoos she has gotten to match her girlfriend is a stupid thing to do. Just as I would never advocate getting the name of a spouse or partner (though children and especially deceased parents makes perfect sense) tattooed anywhere on a body, the same applies to tattoos of any symbolic nature. Though the stars and hearts they have now seem rather basic, if these women ever break up (Hollywood entertainer splitting-up? Impossible) they will have the same situation as if they had inscribed the other former-significant other’s name on them.

As for tooth tattooing, what? I didn’t know such a thing was possible let alone desired. But in fact it is. It’s becoming popular in India at the moment, and I would have to imagine that it’s only a matter of short time before some rapper abandons their silly metal filled mouth accessories for this new event.

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The positive about a tooth tattoo is the fact that it is easily removable. Of course like all tattoos a professional should be the one doing the work, lest damage be caused.

But I still have to wonder why? I understand the fact that like most tattoos this would only be visible if it is shown off. My 4 tattoos can’t be seen unless I remove my shirt and display it, this would be the same idea. Except at a distance – say in an interview – it would look like you have spinach in your teeth.

And what might you put on a tooth? You really can’t put in a lot of detail, it’s too small. Too many colors and your teeth look diseased to a casual observer. Too many tattoos and you look like a stereotype of a redneck. It just seems to promote the look of anything but clean and attractive.

Now I’m not saying that tattoos look unclean or unattractive. I think they can look great. And I’m not saying that teeth that look so white as to be reflective are any more attractive than a bar of soap. But there is a line for my preferences.

I’d love to hear from someone in India that has one of these tattoos. Maybe that would shed some light on the subject.

Until then I suppose I just have to wait for the inevitable rapper to ‘highlight’ yet another fad for their teeth that will be done in a manner that only entertainment executives with products to sell would love.

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