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Black Entertainment USA - Poems

I want to share some of my poetry, which can also be found on various inscribed goods as seen on this site and www.cafepress/nova68.

I believe a person's character can be found in their answer to this question: If you could go back in time to the begining of Civilization with 3 books, which 3 would you choose?

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Selected original poems created by Michael Vass


I rejoice in being a black man... In being one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I instil fear, by walking down a street or entering an elevator. I am held in awe by women of all colors for my beauty and strength. I am respected, even by my enemies for withstanding their attemps to humble or lessen me.
Only I can travel to other nations and create wonder at my natural leadership and ability to survive any circumstance. Only I can cause nations to wage century long campaigns to strive to strip my manhood. Only I can change my chains weighted upon me to props for laughter and song. Only I can wear my hardships and pains as symbols of pride and honor, and cause others to seek out paltry imitations of such to wear as false symbols for themselves.
I command my peers, few as they are, and create work and careers where I am told I cannot tread. I go boldly in every step, confidence obvious in every stride. I excel in my actions as nature has blessed my physique many times. And I confound many with my innate knowledge understanding and adaptability to my surroundings, the world, and science.
I rejoice in being able to have a mate I chose, who I exhalt because she is mine. I smile with the knowledge that she is my equal, not because of law nor words of those less than me, but because I know it.
I acknowledge who I am, what I am, and all it entails. For all the money and power in the world combined cannot match nor buy the depth and width of what I am.
I rejoice in me.

To hear me reading I Rejoice in Me, I'm not a professional so please be kind.


Walking out of the subway and down the block I think to myself
I`m glad that I am an intelligent man
Intelligent enough to look into your eyes and see the intensity of your soul, not just their beautiful shade
Intelligent enough to hear the profound statements you speak, not just lost in the suppleness of your lips
Intelligent enough to see the independant strength carried in your body, not just the rapture of your ever so feminine curves

Yes I`m lucky to be an intelligent man and realize that this woman is all the woman I need


Out in the Darkness is a light
A warmth from the voids cold
It's the end of my harsh timeless travel
In my dreams I only could have imagined half of this
My words fail to describe it
Like an oceans' Flowing
Around, above, below and beyond
As I drift in this peaceful bliss
The words finally come
I've found you'

Of the great compositions

Woman is the greatest
Curves both gentle and strong
Wit sharp as an axe
Motivating the desire for more
Nurturing safety and warmth
What better reasn to attain power and wealth
To be man is to gain woman
And reading the composition
Is learning to live life

I'm not of or for the masses

Not without sense of self
No need to be told what is real
I will not be blindly lead
my failures are no weakness
Those who cannot behold will run
And what I Seek will stay

the dark

I am in a dark place. One that has pain from old scars and fresh fears. I don't like being here. I must wander with care, lest the fragile balance that is my appearance will fail.
In the dark recesses of my mind, horrors of failures press forward seeking to escape the box and corner. Wanting to draw madness to my mind.
Anger fills this place and makes my breathe heavy, hard to release from my chest.
Release! Perhaps a drink, or 2. Careful to not lose control and release the bull waiting to rampage in the china store of my soul.
Escape! That is what I want and what I cannot find. A way to shove the current down and way with the past.
One day I will be too old for this. The battles won giving way to the war, and the wounded fragments of what's left will never stand as tall.
Some doors should stay locked. Some keys never shared. Trust is too precious to have and abandonment to cruel.
Isolated, in ways unseen. Hurt with wounds that don't bleed. Not enough Vodka in the drink, I must keep my beast at bay.
To Lash and hurt is the dark way. One that I excel at far too much. Damage that will never repair. No, drink and sex and flights of fancy, distractions for a time. Lest I lose control of the dark place in my mind.

Black Dress

Sometimes I am caught unawares As you pass and steal my breath I find my vision trapped By your visage which enraptures me The memory gives me a shiver

My senses are alive and wild your smell has awakened my heart seeing you captures my mind The hope of your caress fills my chest

It's sensual and carnal, deep & eternal Words fail to explain what the soul feels My body tingles and pulses

But there is a weight as well To free the chains that bind A sacrifice of self was made And Pain Abounds

Yet there is no regret No voice of Doubt or mistake To gain happiness for another Is worth the internal strife

The hands are not mine that hold you Nor my lips that you kiss Our intimate embrace dismissed

But I've done the right thing No matter the personal cost Ultimate happiness

There is no greater gift No realization more deep That for all the love given It was incomplete

Yet malice was not the aim Nor a loss of love the reward True freedom

The one thing not given before And strength to endure the challenges A lonely place for one And empowering another

But isn't that what you do for love

And still seeing you, A boon not wished soon lost Dressed like once long ago

My heart flutters My face grows flush As I swoon

Life has no right And too many wrongs Joys far to short With pain all to long.

When I sit back

When I sit back, alone & in the dark
my mind floats to happy thoughts
images of your stunning eyes
the flow of your strong curves
and I remember the wit of your mind

Unrequited as I am
there is no pain

To see your smile
To hear your laugh
To know you are well
Are all I need

Love of a friend
is still love itself

When I sit back, alone...
And in the dark

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